For the interior decorating of his bistrot premises François Gagnaire requested the help of his friend, designer Pascal Michalon, also from « la Haute-Loire » region.

” Sharing in the new adventure of François Gagnaire for whom I had already had the pleasure to work for, was for me self-evident and an opportunity ” adds Pascal Michalon.

« Obvious not only because of our shared origins, we partake in similar values, sincerity, pleasure and modernity. An opportunity, because – Anicia a natural bistrot- in a unique Parisian neighborhood offers a simple and authentic site and cuisine like in ‘la Haute-Loire ».

François gives free rein to his friend Pascal who spontaneously designed and manufactured the furniture and equipment from raw materials, both massive and contemporary which fit nicely in a subdued space.

The walls and floor are covered in plastered slate, while the oak banquette (bench seating) with rounded corners circle the main dining room with a capacity of 37 guests. The horizontal shelf parallel to the banquette (bench) – positioned mid-way in the wall – allows photos, books, and other products from « la Haute-Loire » to be displayed.

Beveled boards for appetizers, a chest for local cheeses and a bread box are made from beech simply and finely sanded.

« The chair model -Evy- from my own collection made of ash wood, was a natural choice, in black to accompany the 18 small tables also in massive oak » explained the designer.

Anicia, more than a bistrot-gallery, is a true place of life.


Products and productors

Products and productors

In his bistrot Anicia, the chef François would like to highlight agricultural products from « la Haute-Loire ». The lentil « Verte du Puy », the « Limousine » beef breed from Monts-du-Velay, the fine fat from Mézec, the cow’s milk cheese from artisans, the beer from Vellavia and other specialties from the area. In this tradition, they buy directly from local producers and suppliers of the region, with whom they have worked with for years. They favor short-term cycles, and work mainly with fish from small boats, French meats from sustainable methods. The close collaboration which he maintains with these people bring a certain authenticity to his cuisine.

« I am proud to be able to put a face on a product », he enthuses.

Some of the producers and friends of François with whom he collaborates closely in confidence include:

Xavier Allazard (L’huile d’olive de France)

David Clauzier (Escargots)

Famille Sanial (Safran bio)

Julien (Pisciculture du Vourzac)

Gaec des oliviers (Lentille Verte du Puy)

Anthony Coffy (Volailles fermières élevées à l’ancienne)

Christoph Vianès (Viandes et charcuteries de Haute Loire)

Famille Laurent (Fromages de vache de Pays et beurre fermier)

Famille Gibaud (Fromages de vache de Pays)

Gaec Amalthée (Fromage de chèvre)

Christophe Avont (Miel)

Domaine des Marmottes (Alcool de verveine)

Patrick et Romain Font (confitures Jus et nectars de fruits)

Jean-Jacques Vermeesch (Distillerie Couderc)

Gaec des Hautes Chaumes (Fourme fermière de Valcivières)

L’Arbre à Café (Café équitable)

And more …